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Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Concentration

The new Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Concentration in Civil Engineering offers you professional-development opportunities that prepare you for future careers that address the needs for a water-resilient society. 

With the development of communities and increased use of land, the sustainability and capacity of the natural and manmade systems supporting the hydraulic and environmental conditions of areas are being stressed. Poorly developed lands can result in damaged ecological and environmental zones, and/or be accompanied by flood hazards. There is a need for trained personnel to design, develop and manage the engineering systems serving the public and the watershed, especially in Louisiana.

This concentration will engage you in coursework that will give you the skills and understanding for developing efficient water management and designing resilient structures. Water is a critical resource that needs careful managment for a balanced ecosystem.  With this concentration, you will gain an in-depth understanding and skills related to water quantity and quality, hydrologic & hydraulic modeling and design, coastal hydrology, and industrial waste treatment.  Water issues and approaches related to local, regional, and global scales will be explored including watersheds, wetlands, bayous, groundwater and coastal waters.

Set your self apart from your peers with skills that drive real-world water management decisions. See the courses and requirements for the water resources & environmental engineering concentration.

Talk with your advisor about declaring your concentration.