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In the Department of Civil Engineering, we focus on the ancient and modern engineering feats that influence and decide how we build and design all infrastructure.

Our work, which has been featured nationally, includes recreating how Romans lifted 5,300-pound blocks, determining how much sand shifting the Egyptian pyramids can withstand, creating the best mixture for asphalt, designing the best transportation systems to alleviate traffic congestion, and building the strongest structures over land and water.

The practical experiences we provide here prepare you for a career in environmental, geotechnical, structural, construction, or transportation engineering. You can work alongside industry professionals throughout your college career, forming connections with companies and individuals so you can land that co-op or internship while in school, and then a great job after graduation.

We offer programs for all levels of study, including undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil engineering and a doctorate in systems engineering with a concentration in civil engineering. Explore our curriculum and apply today!

CIVE 2013-2015 Curriculum Flow Chart