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Advisory Board

The department’s Advisory Board, consisting of industry representatives, provides advice on their industrial sector and the educational training requirements necessary for their engineers. It includes representation from major industrial firms, consultants, contractors and government agencies. It consists of 28 members with extensive professional experience and leadership positions in all areas of civil engineering that are addressed by the UL Lafayette academic program. The Advisory Board is as listed below:

Benton Callie C., PE Fenstermaker & Associates 2013 Consulting  
Benton Jacob W., PE Projet Engineer, PSC-Heavy Civil 2012 Construction  
Berard Marc, PE Barad, Habetx & Associate 1982 Consulting  
Carroll Thomas R., III, PE LCG, Director of Public Works, RET 1974 Government  
Cookmeyer Lisa, F. PE CEO, Trigon Associates 1982 Consulting  
Fontenot William K. (Bill), PE President, St. Landry Parish 1973 Government  
Gary Vertie, PE Engineer, LA DOTD 2008 Government  
Gros Chris, J., PE Sr. Facilities Engineer Advisor, Chevron 1980 Industry  
Gwyn William (Bill), PE President,Eustis Engineering 1970 Consulting  
Hayes Don, PhD., PE US Army Corps of Engineers MSU Government  
Idewu Wakeel, PhD., PE Associate Professor, Virginia Military Institute 2004 Education  
Labauve Kerry, PE Principle, MMLH 1970 Consulting  
Landry Glen A., PE Senior Engineer, Bellar & Associates 1995 Consulting  
Landry Patrick J., PE, PLS District 07 Admin, DOTD 1985 Government  
Landry Patrick, PE Admin, Public Works & Water Restoration Program, DOTD 1979 Government  
Larke Jeffrey Project Manager, Gulf Island Fabricators 2003 Industry  
Launey A. J. P. (Sonny), PE, Peng Principal Civil Engineer, Denson Engineers, Inc. 1967 Consulting  
Lopez Wendy, PE Regional Manager, AECOM 1980 Consulting  
Martin Al, PE Pensco Engineers, Principle, RET 1974 Consulting  
Michel Heath H., PE Engineer, Pinnacle Structural Engineer 2010 Consulting  
Movassaghi Kam, PhD., PE Past Presidnt, Fenstermaker & Secretary DOTD RET 1963 Consulting  
McCall Glenn, PE Lafayette Engineeer Ops Leader, Fenstermaker 1997 Consulting  
Prochaska Billy R., PE Consulting Geotech Engineering 1961 Consulting  
Richard Sarah, PE Design Engineer, Dominque & Szabo 2012 Consulting  
Richard Susan, PE Project Manager, Dominque & Szabo 1987 Consulting  
Roy Tyler, PE Civil Engineer, Wilco Marsh Buggies 2009 Industry  
Smith Robert J.., PE Manager, H+M Industrial EPC 2004 Design/Build  
Tatford Jeffries, L. Project Engineer, WHC Energy Services 2010 Construction