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Welcome to the Civil Engineering web site at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We welcome this opportunity to provide you with information on our academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Civil engineering is a challenging profession that serves and addresses the needs of the public. If you enjoy the development of technical solutions that serve the community, you may have what it takes to be a civil engineer.

The UL Department of Civil Engineering has an extensive history in civil engineering education. The program has produced many notable and successful graduates who have in the past and are currently serving in positions of leadership within our state and nation. Our civil engineering graduates are in demand and are highly respected among various industries and employers.

The undergraduate program prepares the student for a career as a professional engineer. Graduates of the undergraduate program complete in-depth studies of the civil engineering specialties of structural, geotechnical, transportation, water resources and environmental engineering. Upon graduation they have the background required to work on many different types of civil engineering projects. The undergraduate program provides graduates with flexibility in the pursuit of their career as a professional civil engineer.

The graduate program leads to a master-of-science degree in civil engineering. The UL Department of Civil Engineering offers active programs in the specialty areas of 1) transportation and pavement materials, 2) water resources-environmental engineering and 3) structural engineering. Students have the opportunity to pursue courses in these specialty areas and participate in a significant number of research projects activities for each. Financial support is available in many cases.

The civil engineering faculty consists of teams with diverse engineering expertise that provide depth and complete coverage of the specialty fields. The research conducted by the civil engineering is highly respected and has received national recognition. Current research and academic activities include studies on rainfall/flood prediction, hurricane protection and coastal restoration, rainfall/highway accidents, traffic safety, pavement management, bridge performance, hydrologic/sediment transport and many other topics.

Many extracurricular and professional activities are available within the College of Engineering and students are encouraged to participate in these. Those of specific interest to civil engineering students include the student chapters of the America Society of Civil Engineers, the Louisiana Engineering Society and others.

If you have an interest in civil engineering, I extend an invitation to you to consider the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s program.

Kenneth McManis, Ph.D., P.E., P.L.S.
Professor & Department Head


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